If you would like to sell your clothes:

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Selling to us is easy!

As we want to keep our sale prices as low as possible, we buy clothes off of a standard $2.50 per item pricing model, with the exceptions of bigger brands. This means for example, if we were to buy 15 items, you will get $37.5 in return. We know this may seem low to some, but our main priority is to sell our clothes in an affordable price range. Plus, not only will we help find your clothes a new home but now you'll also have some extra money to buy clothes you will actually wear! 

Note: We also take donations! And the ones we won't use in our shop, we will personally make the trip & donate it for you!

What we look for: 

At RLA, we ensure quality by searching for cleanliness, holes, stains, material, how worn out it is, basically anything that would make someone not want to buy it. 

 Often times, we also look for pieces that we can also fix up ourselves and change it into something new. Also, because it is currently spring/summer, we are on the lookout for shorts, skirts, rompers, dresses, cute tops/ tanks, sweaters, and jackets! 

*We also accept shoes and accessories, however we tend to be more selective with these types of items. 

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