Executive Board

Annie Cui 

Eden Bui 

Marissa Mah


Marketing Director

Product Director

Nicholas Carpo

Annie Lieu

Social Impact Director

Social Director

Tara Goel


Jordan Holman

Editorial Director

Product Team

brings you the amazing thrift finds of our pop up shops, and are the face of RefineLA when you want to sell & donate!

Jaime Haittori

Priya Kanneboyina

Marvin Araiza

Alina Giapis

Anjali Bathula

Kaitlyn Nguyen

Laila Sarhan

Alyssa Vu

Marketing Team 

brings you all updates concerning RefineLA, including mini photoshoots, giveaways, and our amazing Instagram

Evelyn Luu

Sabine Salvucci

Ryan Ohlinger

Sine Polcharoen

Gina Min

Kaylin Tran 

Editorial Team

brings you all things editorial, including interviews, brand spotlights, sustainability news, all on our amazing Blog!

Sadhana Cortez

Virginia Gomes

Sydney Teti 

Social Impact Team 

helps drive RefineLa's Initiative to help social issues on campus. Look out for our next Environmental Contest! 

Faith Yuna

Shari Wei 

Erin Kwak

Internal Social Team

is the heart and soul of our RefineLA team and keeps us close with events, team orgs, and amazing fundraisers! 

Alina Giapis

Sadhana Cardozo

Abi Hodgdon

Chloe Wang

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